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This Instagram post recently goes viral.

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Researchers already know that chimpanzee exhibit similar DNA strands with the human. Some people do a clinical trial using chimpanzee, and one of them tried to put human’s DNA into chimpanzees, to make them more, human. They tried to find the biological reason why a human is different.

In my opinion, it’s just a matter of cognition and behavioral extrapolated with the time that defines human as a species, human. The chimpanzee who scroll through the Instagram feeds shows a cognition process. The chimpanzee with fashion also exhibits a cognition process. The cognition will change their behavior over time and given enough time, they might learn how to use fire.

Is that a bad thing? I don’t know. In a way, the human was given the same evolution chance by God. Is humanity bad?

What do you think?

Indonesia’s Election

Indonesia’s just finished the election process one week ago. Of course, some people are not satisfied with the process. I won’t talk about the election results or the candidates at all.

I want to appreciate the volunteer who prepared for this biggest democracy’s event held in Indonesia, where each Indonesia’s citizen voted for their leader, and every vote counts.

It sounds like an easy task that you do once every five years. It’s not easy. It’s very challenging. It’s a huge logistical problem. You have to deliver hundred millions of voting ballots and logistics to more than 800 thousands different location. Some remote location is inaccessible by motor vehicle, and it requires you to walk, climb, or riding horses, elephant and any other means to get there.

Looking at these photos touched me up.

I want to say thank you for your hard work.

For people who passed away in the process, you are our hero of democracy.

Twenty Percent

Who uses keyboard shortcuts?

I think everyone agrees, using the keyboard shortcut can save your time. If you shave off 5 seconds by using a keyboard shortcut on a task that you do 50 times a day, do you realize that in 5 years, you just saved yourself 5 days?

Who remembers all existing keyboard shortcut?

I absolutely believe no one knows all existing keyboard shortcut, and no one should. Do you realize that you don’t need to remember all keyboard shortcut but only the most frequently used to gain the most from productivity?

In this writing, I will describe this phenomenon, walk through other similar examples, and how you can apply it to your daily life or works.

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Public Transport

What do you think about public transport? How much do you use it?

I live in San Francisco, and public transport is decent, better than some location in the Bay Area but not the best in the world. It’s also hard to find parking in San Francisco though.

It isn’t perfect. The biggest issue that I encountered a couple of times would be related to predictability. I’m okay with 15 minutes interval, as long as 15 minutes is 15 minutes, not 20 minutes, or 10 minutes.

In my opinion, the most significant benefits as the rider to use public transportation is the predictability. I love that I know the train will come in five minutes and me walking to the stop is 3 minutes, and it’ll take 29 minutes to arrive at the destination stop, and I’ll be on time for the 10.45am meeting.

When you take that away, it decreases the incentive to use public transport.

Printing from Internet

I saw this in FedEx office a couple days ago.

Print from your phone

It made me think about my past where I was at college. We had to do a lot of printing, and sometimes it ends up with a long queue. Software that allows you to connect to a server, and then pick up the stuff that you need to print, might do quite good things. It’ll allow everyone to send the printing from home, and pick up when they arrive at college.

Of course, the payment will be done on the internet, no more coins being returned or rounded up payment.

Don’t use errr in giving speech

There are many reason not to.

First, it breaks your listener concentration. It’s a small thing at first, then your listener start noticing your err instead of content of your talk. For every err they heard, their annoyed level increased. They are getting not focused and then they started counting on how many times you said err in your talk. Instead, keep it silent, put your serious pose, that made your listener increase their attention, or give time for them to absorb what you have said.

Second, it make you sound less serious. Have you prepared it? Do you know what you are talking  about? It also looks silly, and unprofessional. Prepare for every talk you are going to do, even if it’s only five minutes talk. Think it as investment, that you will be giving speech to thousands of people, and this is a preparation for that. You will be giving speech, it might be on your birthday event, or your wedding, or your company speech, or your child graduation. You might hate it, but it is important to others that you talk.

Third, it make you harder to think and concentrate. When you start using too much err in your words, it might mean you are getting nervous, your blood rising up, you might be sweating. If you are realizing it, take a deep breath, start talking slowly, one word at a time. Build your pace to comfortable level.

Fourth, it make you ignorant to your listener. You will focus on sound of you talking with err, instead of engaging your listener, either with your body language, or your word intonation.

Giving speech is a skill that can be trained and mastered. You might have this habit, but you can learn to stop it, or decrease it.

But you know what? I’m in no way have mastery of giving speeches, and what I wrote in this post are bull shit, random thing that have no scientific bases, and a pinch of my experience. Well, shit still can be used for fertilizer, so it is far better than trash. May my shit fertilize your way in giving talk. Happy learning!

2016 is Now!

Remember Sam**ng G***xy tagline? Next is now! 2016 is now!

Do you know when people get older, often they will feel time flies faster? I’ll try to tell you why based on some theorems out there. Let’s say a man life X years, and one year is 365 days. Age 1, he have passed 1/X of his lifetime, hence he have (X-1)/X lifetime left. Each day he will pass (X-1)/365 of his lifetime. At age 20, he have passed 20/X of his lifetime, hence he have (X-20)/X lifetime left. Each day he will pass (X-20)/365 of his lifetime. (X-20)/365 is noticeably less than (X-1)/365. Human mind’s perceived that as time flies faster. Q.E.D.

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Tidak Semangat Menulis dan Evernote

Terlalu malas untuk menulis, walaupun setiap ada ide menarik untuk dijadikan tulisan, selalu dicatat. Saat ini ada 16 ide, yang bisa dituangkan menjadi tulisan. Sayangnya terkendala oleh waktu (sebenarnya bisa saja disempatkan, tapi prioritasnya selalu berada dibawah dibandingkan yang lain).

Btw, saya mulai menggunakan evernote lagi untuk mencatat berbagai hal, termasuk untuk mencatat ide, clipping article, daily-task, dan lain-lain. Ada yang punya tips dan trik yang membuat menggunakan evernote menjadi lebih menarik? Kalau saya, penggunaan notebook _INBOX (default notebook). Semua notes baru diletak di notebook tersebut, dan kemudian baru diorganisasikan malamnya. Ini juga membantu saya mereview apa saja yang telah saya lakukan. Kalau kalian bagaimana?

Hidup yang Scalable

Hidup itu ga boleh terikat keadaan. Sama kayak webserver. Harus stateless biar scalable. Kalau gak, susah untuk serve million of users.

Kalau emang cuma serve sedikit user, ya silahkan kalau itu dapat memuaskan hidupmu. Kalo aku sih no. Ga bisa dan ga tahan. Hidup udah dikasi dengan kemampuan jauh lebih dari hewan tapi kok cuma pentingin diri sendiri. Yang membuat hidup lu terbatas ya keadaan. Balik lagi, emang keadaan apa yang mengikat lu? Lepasin aja ikatannya.

Tapi trade off sih memang ya. Semua hal memang ada trade off nya. Kalau pengen performance, kadang masalah di memory. Kalau pengen murah, malah masalah di kualitas. Balik lagi ke tujuan dari si software. Kalau soal hidup, balik lagi ke tujuan hidup lu apa.

Kalau gw pribadi sih, setelah pemikiran panjang bertahun-tahun, yang membuat gw sering stress dan hilang arah dan hilang (literally) karena tujuan hidup yang ga jelas, ya gw memilih untuk memberi berkat ke banyak orang. Untuk serve millions of people. Itu. Tidak. Gampang. Banyak konflik kepentingan.

Banyak sih yang mau dilepaskan uneg-unegnya. Tapi ya sudahlah.