Autoscaling Infrastructure

What great about clouds is you delegate and fastrak provisioning your hardware. That can be your server rack, your networking cable, and down to a new hardisk.

I started my first year working with clouds and take for granted all of this things, and isn’t easy to wrap around my head that provisioning server isn’t easy, because what I know is just click here and click there and you have the machine provisioned, ready and accessible from the internet. Compared to physical infrastructure where you would have the supply chain and wait for weeks before the machine is ready.

Now, how would you imagine autoscaling transportation infrastructure? One way to imagine it is like Uber. You would outsource provisioning the transportation to the 3rd party, with the final vision is to have autopilot driving the car.

I think we can do more than 4-7 seated cars.

What about autoscaling public transport? How would you envision it?

What about other physical infrastructure? Is it possible to “autoscale” it?

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