Compounding Time

You’ve probably heard about compounding interests, and I would like to tell you about compounding time.

I shared previously about the Pareto Principle that I used in my Toastmaster Club speech. If you focus on the most impactful activities, you will earn time. The time you saved, can be used to optimize other activity, which will again, increase your availability time. But, is it worth optimizing an action that usually takes 10 hours to become 4 hours?

There is no right answer to that question, yet. If you must, the correct answer is you need more data. How long optimizing the operation will take? 1 hour? 1 week? 1 month? How frequent the activity is? Daily? Weekly? Yearly? How many people doing the same operation? Only you? The whole team? The entire company?

You can do the math, or you can refer to this xkcd post:

Is it worth the time?

If the time it takes to optimize is longer than what is in the cell, that means the break-even point is longer than five years. That’s a long time! Even for an enterprise. Unless 500 people are doing the same stuff. Your optimization might be able to be used by everyone, which mean you saved everyone’s time. The time you shave off should count for everyone’s time if you are working in a company.

Have you heard that time is the most expensive things? If you present your case with the right approach, you can start your own project in the company

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