Influence Circle

One time, I felt angry when watching the television full of misinformation. It affected my mood for the whole days.

This experience is not unique. You might be affected by what your friends post in social media. Or the rumor that passed to you.

It was not fun for me experiencing that. I’m full of anger, depressed, for something not directly affecting me. And it’s overwhelming me because I don’t know what to do, or how to fix the issue.

It was until I read seven habits by Stephen Covey, where he mentioned about the concept about Circle of Influence. I realized that all the news, all the rumor, are outside of my influence circle. If I want to care about it, I had to increase my circle of influence. It changes my perspective from how to solve the problems, to how to make that I have influence in that problems.

Once I know what to do, it’s easier to make conscious and rational judgement about should I or should I not do something about the problem.

What are things that is outside your influence circle that affects you?

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